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Well this community seems to have gone a little quiet...

so lets find out a bit more about its members: (feel free to follow suit..)

(this is not an application btw as 1. currently nobody has to apply anyway, and 2. im already a member)

NAME: Tim Adkin

DOB: 02/07/84

HAIR: Blond (but looks dark brown when wet or gelled)

EYES: Blue

LIKES: Music, 'deep' conversations, films

DISLIKES: liars, aggressive dogs, rude boys, wankers who think theyre pretty boys

5 FAV BANDS: Funeral for a friend, Incubus, My chemical romance, New found glory,  Saves the day

FAV TYPES MUSIC: i like everything really, i cant even think of any type of music that i dont like (formally would have said gabba but even thats kind of grown on me thanks to Chris)

3 LIFE GOALS: Travel the world (i AM going to do this one day), Set up my own business AND make it successful, Get married and have a family

5 FAV WORDS: plop, winkie, splodge, doodie, squigle

5 MOST USED WORDS: babe, mate, cheers, sorry, erm




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