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Here's a heart breaking story for you all.
Today I saw photo's of me and my ex, who I thought I was over... and came to the realisation that I'm not.. not at all...
So I'm currently listening to 'our' song, which is a dance song.. but screaming to it sounds so great.

I'm all alone in bed,
And I cant sleep,
I'm feeling blue.
I try close my eyes,
But all I'm thinking of is you.
Baby, only you.

I cry my eyes out, baby.
Wondering what I have to do.
I look inside my heart.
I know for sure this love is true.

Day by day,
Heart to heart,
I hope that we will ever be together.
Will it be me and you?
I dreamed that our love will last forever.
Hold me tight, in your arms,
I know we have the strength to stay together.
Walk with me, hand in hand.
I promise to be there, forever, forever

And some poems I wrote about him:

i dreamt last night
i dreamt that we were happy
we had no problems
there were no drugs
and no anger
we were happy

i dreamt
of a little house by the sea
the flowers you gave me blossomed on the window-sill
i made you readybrek and toast
whilst you were peacefuly sleeping
we were so happy

i dreamt
we walked bare foot across the shore at night
we lay down in the sand
you stroke my hair as i fall asleep
i felt safe in your arms
no one could touch me
because you loved me

and thats all i need

i dreamt last night
yet another bitter dream

we were happy

i'm fed up of running so fast, running so hard
but never getting anywhere
always left with a pain in my cheast
is this heartbreak?? or is it just because im trying so damn hard
to be right where you are
im left here out of breath
exhausted of trying to be with you
tired of wanted to hate you
im so tired
so out of breath
so weak and fragile
my muscles ache

yet i carry on running
because i want to be where you are
im trying so hard
and im crying so fast
and i trying to hold on
to what happened in the past
the reasons i should hate you
but all i remember is why i love you

i guess you got the bad memories
and i got the good
i guess thats why this is easy for you
i guess thats why im soaking in my own blood

im running so hard, im running so fast
im trying so hard to be where you are
when i should be running in another direction
running into someones arms
where i can calapse
and relax

but here i am running
running too fast
to be in YOUR arms
and to be back in the past

i want to run
run away from you
run away from what you have done to me
i want to stop trying to change
i want to love myself as much as i love you
i want you to love me as much as i love you
i want to be your perfect girl again

i want to stop running
but to stop running would be that ive got to where i want
and where i want is with you

i write too many poems about you,
that start off as words
and i spill my guts out on this damn journal
to people who couldnt give two shits
about the pain i endure
and the way to find my cure

these are all bollocks
but i love you so this is what happens
when you break my heart
and leave me to die

watch me run to you...
watch me in pain...
watch me fight everything to be with you
watch me change
watch and laugh,
knowing its over
watch me run forever
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