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I Sang This Song For You [entries|friends|calendar]
and with these words and shoot you down (lyrical g

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[13 Jul 2005|01:34pm]
I allowed my own community die.

lyrical genious

promo [29 Mar 2005|03:38pm]
loadedxxmuchCollapse )
lyrical genious

[22 Mar 2005|08:50pm]

Anyone from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on here? I'm in town for a week, are there any small venues around?
lyrical genious

[22 Mar 2005|09:11pm]
most annoyingly cool catchy song. =]
Enfilade.Collapse )
lyrical genious

[21 Mar 2005|10:53pm]

Where is everybody?
lyrical genious

long time no update! [12 Mar 2005|09:04am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Not sure if anyone even checks here anymore but everyone should visit this link and listen to the streaming hardcore:

Clicky! :D

lyrical genious

im in love with joss stone [02 Mar 2005|10:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

i feel in love with a boiCollapse )

For The Love Of YouCollapse )

Snakes And LaddersCollapse )

Sleep Like A ChildCollapse )

lyrical genious

CO-MOD [24 Feb 2005|01:19pm]

Heya guys...

Just thought i'd let you know i've changed my user name too:



Add if you want =)


lyrical genious

[23 Feb 2005|02:10pm]
heylo. tis the one formerly know as
i've changed my username.
thought id let you know.
lyrical genious

MOD [18 Feb 2005|08:28pm]
I'm currently going through my crazy Tori Amos obsession again.
So here's a few of my favourite songs off of the 'Little Earthquakes' album:
LeatherCollapse )
Me and a gunCollapse )

PS voting will start soon
2 s|lyrical genious

random songs [18 Feb 2005|02:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i love these songs lol

peachesCollapse )

destiny's childCollapse )
amanda perezCollapse )
melissa ferrickCollapse )

lyrical genious

Well this community seems to have gone a little quiet... [17 Feb 2005|02:31pm]

[ mood | bored ]

so lets find out a bit more about its members: (feel free to follow suit..)

(this is not an application btw as 1. currently nobody has to apply anyway, and 2. im already a member)

MeCollapse )

1 |lyrical genious

MOD new theme [14 Feb 2005|08:58am]
Hello, it is me.. your lovely mod..

Love is the air (apparently) so this weeks theme is based on love and valentines day.
It can be either::
-What you are doing this year
-What is the worst Valentines day you've ever had
-Best Valentines day
-Songs that remind you of Valentines day
-Songs that remind you of the one you love, or remind you of being in love...

Well whatever... as long as it is something to do with love I don't give a damn really.

lyrical genious

[13 Feb 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

1 |lyrical genious

MOD [12 Feb 2005|07:48pm]
Here's a heart breaking story for you all.
Today I saw photo's of me and my ex, who I thought I was over... and came to the realisation that I'm not.. not at all...
So I'm currently listening to 'our' song, which is a dance song.. but screaming to it sounds so great.

I'm all alone in bed,
And I cant sleep,
I'm feeling blue.
I try close my eyes,
But all I'm thinking of is you.
Baby, only you.

I cry my eyes out, baby.
Wondering what I have to do.
I look inside my heart.
I know for sure this love is true.

Day by day,
Heart to heart,
I hope that we will ever be together.
Will it be me and you?
I dreamed that our love will last forever.
Hold me tight, in your arms,
I know we have the strength to stay together.
Walk with me, hand in hand.
I promise to be there, forever, forever

And some poems I wrote about him:
I Dream (we were happy)Collapse )

MarathonCollapse )
lyrical genious

This song is mine and my girl's [12 Feb 2005|01:43am]

[ mood | loved ]

This song is one of those that falls under the "our song" category I'm afraid, but with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

EverythingCollapse )


lyrical genious

What good is one glove without the other? [11 Feb 2005|07:29pm]

This is like my favorite song. I love it, and I thought I would share it with you guys since I love it so much.
Rebel GirlCollapse )
lyrical genious

Since I promoted us, I am promoting them back [11 Feb 2005|07:19pm]

2 s|lyrical genious

MOD this seemed like a cool community guys [11 Feb 2005|08:50pm]
lyrical genious

MOD update [11 Feb 2005|08:06pm]
Livejournal is a bitch.
It just deleted my whole entry :(
But anyways just thought I'd let you all know that nominations for co-mod are still on despite the little talk of it in the past week.
Nominees are:
If you would like to be nominated just comment or post saying so and you will be added.
In the meanwhile I am waiting for at least two more members to join so that all voting is reliable... so you know promote so we can get this shizzle over with.

h'Anyways, I was lying in bed listening to Vehicles and Animals by Athlete (GREAT album) and a song came up that made me think of bands and singers such as:


Busted and Avril, prime examples of people who want to be part of the rock scene.

whenever you look you can see that everybody wants to be part of the rock scene
whenever you look you can see that everybody wants to be part of the rock scene
whenever you look you can see that everybody wants to be part of the rock scene
whenever you look you can see that everybody wants to be part of the rock scene

house on the rock
surely it will last forever?
house on the rock
don't you know it's now or never?
house on the rock
surely it will last forever?
house on the rock

WestsideCollapse )
2 s|lyrical genious

? ... [11 Feb 2005|12:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What's going on with the Co-Mod thing? Was it decided that Katie would be Co-Mod?

Just wondering.


1 |lyrical genious

Theme [10 Feb 2005|11:41pm]

I like my girls a size 5 and bigger


feat. Devin the Dude
Fat fat, uh
And along came Pos
Fat fat

It's a sure bet
When I stare into your dark browns I get
Overwhelmed, overjoyed, overstep
My bounds, on your touchy subject
Your wait, shape's not what I date
It's you, my crew don't mind it thick (Uh-uh)
Every woman ain't a video chick (Nah)
Or runway model and I wrecks it
I love what I can hold and grab on
So if you burn it off then keep the flab on
We gonna stay gettin our collab on (Oww)
Girl we gonna stay gettin our collab on (Ooh, ooh)
We gonna stay gettin our collab on
Read more...Collapse )
lyrical genious

[09 Feb 2005|09:15pm]

[ mood | happy ]

decided to make some pictures for the community.

Members  feel free to use however you please...

clicky for pictures Collapse )

1 |lyrical genious

[09 Feb 2005|01:38pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

first the mic then a half cigarette
singing cathy's clown
that's the man that she's married to now
that's the girl that he takes around town
she appears composed, so she is, i suppose
who can really tell?
she shows no emotion at all
stares into space like a dead china doll
i'm never gonna know you now, but i'm gonna love you anyhow


This is a great song, and I loved the pic!  To me, it seems to go with these verses. 

Full song ...Collapse )</font>

2 s|lyrical genious

MOD theme [08 Feb 2005|02:12pm]
This is a 'lyric' type thing I wrote a year ago, like most the things I write, they don't end up in poems, just are set alone with just a few lyrics.

"tear drops in my mouth
fall from the sky as a million words
you loved me, i was yours
you have no idea how much these little tear drops in my mouth hurt"

this is a song that Katie introduced me to, and introduced me to a whole new genre of music lol.

"What I can't regret,
can't you just forget it?
I started something I couldn't finish
If we go down,
we go down together

best friends means,
well best friends means"

There is no 'I' in 'Team'Collapse )
1 |lyrical genious

CO-MOD THEME [08 Feb 2005|02:23pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

We left behind the busy crowd.
So it seems we slow down.
Meet me with a way out through the lies.
Nowhere, going nowhere in the fake yellow light.
The feelings change so fast.
Safety scares them away.
I can't bring myself to say it's my own advice I need.
Nowhere and then nowhere.
Living trapped inside the chase.
Our weekness is the same.
We need poison sometimes.
So take another drink with me.
Blame no one.
Look in my eyes and blame no one.

Ten by Jimmy Eat World

Basically i just LOVE Jimmy Eat World. I found this picture which is mainly yellow, then realised it had yellow in the lyrics so there ya go.

lyrical genious

MOD new theme [08 Feb 2005|02:03pm]
Hiya guys, haven't really made many posts recently but I'm sure you all survived lol.

Anyways the new theme for this week is

The Photograph Fades (dont fricking ask lol)

Katie came up with the idea of taking photographs, or downloading pictures and put your favourite lyric to it... these don't have to be in a cut.. but the full song may be put under a cut :)

Hope you like this one because I love it x
lyrical genious

CO-MOD * My Prescription Is Your Kiss & Boy You Got Me Wantin It* [08 Feb 2005|08:56am]
[ mood | loved ]

This Song reminds me off my boyfriend because the lyrics are so cheesey& lovely =)

I've Kissed Your Lips A Million WaysCollapse )

lyrical genious

"I'm New, Please Don't Break Me" [07 Feb 2005|06:09pm]

President Of What by Death Cab For CutieCollapse )
1 |lyrical genious

[07 Feb 2005|03:02pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good day.  Anyway, this is a song I absolutely love - download it!

Take It Easy (Love Nothing)Collapse )

2 s|lyrical genious

"I'm New, Please Don't Break Me" [07 Feb 2005|05:22pm]

Hey, I'm Nat, I'm 22, write poetry in my spare time and tend to like more cheesy stuff than anything else. My offering as a newbie is from one of my favourite musicals, La Cage Aux Folles:

A Little More MascaraCollapse )
2 s|lyrical genious

im new please dont break me ~theme~ [07 Feb 2005|09:55am]

hey im dominique, im 18, in school for art education(which might change) im in to poetry and writing (mostly gay stuff and sex stories)
im really in to R&b, Rap, pop, anything with nice lyrics

will this song makes me happy in more ways then one

Touch of My Hand LyricsCollapse )
1 |lyrical genious

I'm New, Please Don't Break Me [06 Feb 2005|10:37am]

[ mood | content ]

Hello LyricalGenious!

I'm Flare, and this is my lyrics journal. (You can find my regular journal here.)

The lyrics in my journal are from the mp3s and CDs I have, so you most likely won't find everything you're looking for.

I organize the lyrcs in my journal by artist, and the entries (other than the ones titled "Random Lyrics") are not in alphabetacal order.

One of the things I've stared doing is organzing certain songs by album (i.e. Godsmack).

That's basically me, and my lyric journal. Here's some Queen for your enjoyment.

Bohemian RhapsodyCollapse )

2 s|lyrical genious

I'm New, Please Don't Break Me [05 Feb 2005|10:06am]

[ mood | Lost ]

Hi all, 1st post to this community.
i could sit here all day listing songs i think have amazing lyrics but i won't.
instead im going to add the most thought provoking song that just gives me that sort of tingley feeling whenever i hear it. if you havent heard it (which you should have) then get a copy as fast as you can and listen. the acoustic version is so much better than the sudio but then i think that about all songs anyway so i guess it depends on your preference.

*random fact: this is the song i want played at my funeral*

Incubus - Pardon meCollapse )

1 |lyrical genious

promo [05 Feb 2005|08:57am]
WoahstereoCollapse )
lyrical genious

MOD/theme [04 Feb 2005|06:20pm]
I don't believe I forgot about this song.
This is one of my favourite songs of all time.
Everytime I hear it I find myself singing along at the top of my voice, and dancing like mad on my desk chair...

This is Lifehouse, a band not many people know of, but I love them...

Hanging by the momentCollapse )
2 s|lyrical genious

MOD update [04 Feb 2005|06:02pm]
Haven't got much to say today, except the typical Mod thing


Thank you to rhapsody_child who has helped massivly on banners and a lovely icon :D it is very much appreciated.. and much better then I would ever been able to do haha.

Me and Katie have already started thinking about next weeks theme and I was just wondering out there if there was anyone who doesnt have a digital camera or scanner?? Just for future references :)

Siouxsie x


ohh and thank you to greenestgrass also ( ive only just realised you had put some banners up lol ) x
1 |lyrical genious

Fightstar;; [03 Feb 2005|07:06pm]

[ mood | content ]

This is a few songs by Fightstar [containing the former queer band Busted's Charlie]
I'm so glad me quit Busted to go with this band. they rule.
Down load some of their stuff!
If you go here and like, scroll down a bit and look around, you can download the video for "palahniuks laughter" it's awesome.

Read more...Collapse )

1 |lyrical genious

[03 Feb 2005|05:40pm]

2 more banners and an iconCollapse )</center>

Hope you guys like 'em!
3 s|lyrical genious

[03 Feb 2005|03:46pm]


BannersCollapse )

lyrical genious

MOD [03 Feb 2005|03:22pm]
So, ok..
I've had a nice lovely chat with my best friend, and now instead of one mod, we now have two mods...

introducing inkxheart

(formally known as Katie)

BUT we are still looking for a co-mod so voting will still continue

Siouxsie x
6 s|lyrical genious

MOD [03 Feb 2005|01:58pm]
Well, in one day and night, this community has progressed rather quickly Thank You Everyone!!

However, i wasn't expecting so many people to be asking for position as co-mod:

( _overdramatics_
x0pinkxvodka0x )

So I think what we'll do, is promote! untill we've got more members and then have a vote on who we think will be the best co-mod.

I'd also very much appreciate it if someone could create some banners/a kickass icon etc.

Well, that's enough production talk there.
Just thought I'd let everyone know that this isn't just a lyric community, anything will be accepted, although the themes will all be based on music.

and yes I now realise I have spelt 'genius' wrong haha

Siouxsie x
3 s|lyrical genious

I'm New Please Don't Break Me [03 Feb 2005|08:27am]
[ mood | amused ]


Yeh ok i'm Katie *waves*

& Siouxsie is my biznitch.

Erm the song that makes me happiest would have to be:

BrandNew *The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows*

Because it reminds me of the time me & Siouxsie were at Rock City singing it to eachother & it was one of the rare times that i was genuinley happy =)


1 |lyrical genious

I'm new, please don't break me [02 Feb 2005|07:58pm]

Hey, I'm Chrissie.

I love this song... it's really cheesy 80's synth-pop but my best friend and I used to have "dance parties" to this. We'd play it really loud in the car and rock out. Two really scary looking goth kids dancing to this looks hilarious

Stacey Q - Two of HeartsCollapse )
lyrical genious

I'm New, Please Don't Break Me [02 Feb 2005|08:51pm]


 a happy song for me would be Incubus' "stellar". it's a song about when the leader singer was in love with a women who lived in france. and they couldn't be togeather. so they planned to get togeather in outerspace. enjoy kids :)


stellarCollapse )

5 s|lyrical genious

I'm New, Please Don't Break Me [02 Feb 2005|04:13pm]

[ mood | headache ]

This is one of my all time favorite songs. I just smile and sing this song as loud as I can every time I play it.



Drink up Baby DownCollapse )

lyrical genious

//* fLUXY;x [02 Feb 2005|07:51pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This is my all-time favourite song, it's just one that makes you really smile and think about how lucky you really are =)

(x.)And I'd give up forever to touch you(.x)Collapse )

2 s|lyrical genious

MOD/theme [02 Feb 2005|06:04pm]
Hey, just thought I'd come on and get some lyrics on this thing.

This song is 'Dont Stop Me Now' by Queen. I love this song because:
a) i used to have a played to me as a child
b) it is always played in rock venues so it gets me into a hyper happy mood
and c) because it was one of mine and my ex's favourite songs and everytime I listen to it, I remember the days when we used to dance our asses off, singing at the top of our voices haha

Dont Stop Me Now, Im Having Such A Good TimeCollapse )
lyrical genious

I'm New, Please Don't Break Me [02 Feb 2005|12:34pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey - I think this is a great idea for a community! Okay, so here I go ...

One song that makes me happy is 'Coin-Operated Boy' by The Dresden Dolls on their album 'A is For Accident'.  It's a great song if you like an artistic approach to music. 


!lyrics!Collapse )</font>
1 |lyrical genious

MOD [02 Feb 2005|04:10pm]
Hello, I know there is no members yet, but I am determined to get this place running.
I'm Siouxsie (your lovely mod) and the first theme is::

Songs that make you happy

wether it be just for the beat and the lyrics, or songs that remind you of something good... I don't mind.

And to new members... PROMOTE!
lyrical genious

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