S (siouxsie_shadow) wrote in lyricalgenious,


So, ok..
I've had a nice lovely chat with my best friend, and now instead of one mod, we now have two mods...

introducing inkxheart

(formally known as Katie)

BUT we are still looking for a co-mod so voting will still continue

Siouxsie x
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Me me me pick me!
what would the co-mod do?
erm, because we need an extreme helper with the layout/banners and stuff, we're hoping that the co-mod will help greatly with promotion and design. Also, they have a large voice on running the community, obviously all ideas would have to be ran past katie and myself, but they'd help in managing the community.
i will make banners

i'm going to add ya for future "is this fine?"
yep, i'll add you back

Deleted comment

i tried to teach myself... but im pretty crappy at it haha...